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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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Change log
14/10/2013 14:07:00 : Added Sorting to Favorites and Playlist, using the new drag&drop anchor "Sort", Fixed various playlist play bug.
14/05/2013 20:05:00 : added auto scroll to player when load a video or a session, added a checkbox to enable/disable auto scroll in video settings tab
13/05/2013 23:54:00 : Added pagination to sessions, also added the ability to see player's sessions by click player's name in sessions list
19/10/2012 17:10:00 : added the ability to sort sessions
17/04/2012 21:27:00 : added video settings: you can now set the playback quality. Increasing the quality, the sessions could not be performed correctly because of the buffering.
Changes take effect from next video loaded.
08/02/2012 13:32:00 : added dynamic visualization on detach video mode.
Sometimes video could disappear or shown bad, change video visalizazion to normal and return to favorites one or little resize popup window to correct. Sorry, this error is not dependent on youtubemixer
08/02/2012 12:19:00 : Decks' interface modified, now you can drag loop in and out point.
06/02/2012 18:46:00 : Detach video visualization option added. You can now set decks in full screen.
06/02/2012 15:50:00 : social bar added on listening sessions and live sessions
06/02/2012 13:48:00 : new algorithm for home page sessions list. Addded share functionality in home page.
04/02/2012 20:32:00 : added ability to detach video in a popup
04/02/2012 16:13:00 : Added search related video on search engine,it take video id as parameter for search. Added link near each video to show related video.
03/02/2012 03:20:00 : Playlist page change: Added "clear playlist" button and "save all to new favorites" functionality that save a new folder in your favorites called as inserted into text input.
02/02/2012 02:16:00 : Session playback change. Now decks and the buttons to load into decks are disabled while sessions or live sessions are playing. Press "stop" button on the rec bar to gain decks' control.
31/01/2012 14:19:00 : Improved hystory list and playlist list, added youtube user that upload each video (clickable) and the buttons "add to favorites" to add videos to your favorites.
30/01/2012 15:26:00 : Added "add all to playlist" and "load all as playlist" buttons on search playlist result. Correct a bug in skipto functionality, now it skip fast and in correct deck.
30/01/2012 13:19:00 : Added user uploader on playlist and favorites list, if clicked show all uploaded videos of that user
30/01/2012 03:16:00 : Added user uploader on search result, if clicked show all uploaded videos of that user
24/01/2012 20:06:00 : Added improved search engine, you can now search for user favorites by youtube username, for user upload by youtube username, for playlist by any text search like videos and for playlist content by playlist id. Added search history to return past search
24/01/2012 04:29:00 : Addded listener online information to live session. Improved on load synk of live session, syncronizzation happen 40 sec after last loaded deck.
23/01/2012 22:30:00 : Added live session.
21/01/2012 14:06:00 : Added listen count on sessions. Added "refresh listen count" on "sessions" menu page
21/01/2012 12:37:00 : correct a bug on play start that start auto volume up.
21/01/2012 12:36:00 : correct a bug on rec start that do not correctly save loop information. !session prior this don't are repaired.
21/01/2012 05:26:00 : correct a bug on rec start that do not correctly save deck 2 video information. !session prior this don't are repaired
21/01/2012 04:54:00 : added in point and end point information in playlist and favorites.
21/01/2012 02:52:00 : Now Playlist and Session name and author is displayed in the title of the page and are corrected loaded on facebook.
yt favourites not implemented
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